Coffee on Canvas

Spill Coffee. Make Art.

Artwork Protection

Thank you for your interest in purchasing original artwork from Coffee on Canvas and helping me spread the beauty of spilled coffee to the world!

Your piece of artwork is made with REAL spilled coffee, painted with a titanium white acrylic paint, outlined in archival black ink, and finished with a clear varnish with UV inhibitors.  Like any piece of art, this original work is subject to degradation over time.  It is very good practice to protect your art for environmental factors that could speed up the degradation process.  

One of the most offensive environmental factors contributing to the degradation of artwork is light exposure.

As noted above, your artwork is sprayed with a UV light inhibiting varnish, it’s also important to note that I fortify the coffee used for your artwork to greatly improve the lightfastness of the medium (rivaling the lightfastness of watercolor).  While this varnish and fortification will protect the artwork from absorbing much of the UV light that could affect the piece, it will not protect your art from all harmful UV rays.  It is good practice to display your art in a location that is not subject to direct sunlight and will receive a minimal amount of direct incandescent/fluorescent light exposure as these light sources have the highest level of UV light (LED light is best – no UV!).

There are other protection measures you can take to further protect your artwork, including:

  • Avoid picture lights mounted above or on the artwork. They can cause “hot spots.”

  • Keep curtains or shades drawn and lights off when the room is not in use. UV protective film can be installed on windows.

  • Mount your artwork behind UV inhibiting glass (this would require framing) which, in some cases, could reduce the amount of UV light affecting the artwork to 3% or less.

  • Consider rotating your artwork every six months or so.

Please note that for many years now I’ve had my own artwork displayed in my own home employing some of the above guidance.  I have not experienced any noticeable degradation of the artwork displayed in my home.

Again, thank you so much for supporting my work with the purchase of this original art. I know you will enjoy this artwork for many, many years.  If you have any questions or concerns about your artwork, please do not hesitate to contact me HERE.