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Finding the Beauty in Frustration

Jon Norquist is, first and foremost, a father of five wonderful children and husband to a beautiful wife.

Jon has long found art and design to be an interesting hobby but, having spent most of his adult life in the military, fighting wars and tending to matters of State (just kidding; he wasn't that important) didn't leave much time for doodling and calligraphy.

Even still, Jon has always found beauty in everyday things — which is how he stumbled onto a creative outlet in the most unusual of places: his $30 Black and Decker Coffee Pot.

Here's the thing about buying the cheapest items a store has to offer: They usually don't perform exactly as intended. And that dubiously engineered coffee machine was no exception.

After pouring — and spilling — more than a few pots,

it became apparent that the design of the carafe was fundamentally flawed.

No matter how careful the pourer, the carafe seemed to put more coffee on the table and floor than it did in the cup. 

Early one morning, with the light just right, Jon caught a glimpse of the pattern the coffee made on the countertop and inspiration struck. Beginning with a few pieces of paper taped to the countertop, the “spilled coffee” art form quickly took shape. Taped paper was soon upgraded to canvas, and Coffee on Canvas was born.

We hope you enjoy the artwork posted here, and if you would like to purchase some feel free to visit the shop or  email Jon on the contact page.  If something you like is not currently for sale, please inquire about commissioning a piece to fit your space.  


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