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What is a live Activation with Coffee on Canvas?

There’s a truth in this world that I’ve spent much of my artistic energy trying to bring to fruition - that each of us has creativity woven deep inside the very fabric of our being . There is no better medium to prove this than the UNIVERSALLY accessible creative outlet of spilled coffee.

A live activation with Coffee on Canvas, is more than an art event -

it’s a creative experience for everyone.

During an activation, the guests not only watch the spilled coffee art form unfold they are actually brought into the experience as they spill coffee on the artwork, and observe their work turned into a stunning piece of art.


Available - Anywhere.

I have had the great pleasure of performing live activations throughout the United States for many incredible clients like NFL Teams, Dunkin’ Donuts, Folgers Coffee, various tech companies, and boutique coffee companies.

I am available to perform live activations anywhere in the world. No location, event, or theme is off-limits.

Where creative, coffee-loving people are gathered - I would love to be there.


Featured Activations

Live Activation Packages

PACKAGE 1: Full Process Activation.

Includes: Three pieces of art in the three stages of development - 1) Spilling (where both guests and I spill coffee on the artwork); 2) Design Development (where I am defining the design and turning our collective creative spills into finished artwork); and 3) Completed Artwork (pre-made completed art work to show the guests the end result).

PACKAGE 2: Partial Process Activation

Includes: Two pieces of art in two of the three stages of development (defined above), usually in the Spilling stage, and completed stage.

PACKAGE 3: Single Piece Activation

Includes: A single piece of art at the in the Spilling stage of development - inviting the guests to spill coffee on the artwork and watch the work come to life.

Any artwork developed for each of the activation packages will be given to the client. Additionally, with each package there is the option of creating beautiful, high-quality prints of the artwork which can to be given to the guests as a memento of the experience.

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