Coffee on Canvas

Spill Coffee. Make Art.

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VIDEO: Creating ‘Motif-Seattle’

Custom artwork for Boutique Hotel ‘Motif’ in downtown Seattle.

VIDEO: Creating ‘Coffee’

VIDEO: Creating ‘Red+White’

Artwork made with spilled red and white wine.


Notable Press

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Coffee on Canvas and the NFL - providing the backdrop artwork for announcement of the 2018 season

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Army Major Jon Norquist picked up an interesting hobby creating intricate art with spilled coffee.


Kiro Radio - 97.3 FM, Seattle WA

A couple years ago something terrible happened. Jon Norquist’s coffee maker broke. So, logically, the Tacoma dad and civil engineer bought a new one. But from day one it did nothing but disappoint and frustrate.....


Fubiz Media

The art project titled Coffee on Canvas came to life thanks to Jon Norquist's imagination. As his defective coffee pot left tracks on its way, the artist had the idea to paint on canvas with the round brown forms that were left. On the programme: landscapes, cities, logos and animals, all reproduced with accuracy and inventiveness.


Life in Coffee Colours

Incontriamo l’artista di copertina per una breve intervista in cui ci racconterà delle sue espressioni a tema caffè. Dove e come mai hai deciso di utilizzare il caffè per creare le tue opere? Sono arrivato a questa forma d’arte un paio di anni fa dopo aver acquistato una macchinetta del caffè difettosa.....

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fresh Cup Magazine

Jon Norquist is a civil engineer by trade, but a desire to find a creative outlet—combined with a poorly engineered coffee carafe—led to a second career as an artist, and the development of a collection of coffee-splashed canvases.  “I had always wanted to dive into my creative side, but it was difficult to find time to develop a craft with four kids and my engineering career,” Norquist says....

Jon Norquist discovered a new avenue for his creativity from spilled coffee. His artwork grew from his of kitchen table in Tacoma, Washington to being featured on major media outlets and live corporate events around the country.